Nah. is a Washington D.C. based female-fronted alternative rock band that infuses psychedelic improvisation with indie-style creativity. They possess a sonically expansive sound and visceral energy that is certain to captivate a crowd. The band's motto, "Art is love; love is survival" transparently shines through their collective energy during each live performance.

     The band began in 2015, founded by singer-songwriter, Brendan Ra Tyler. His style of songwriting is introspective and relatable with an enduring, honest message. He is accompanied by a talented crew of musicians including Austin-based poet, lyricist and singer, Emma Bleker; drummer Steve Rodriguez; guitarist Chris Smith; and synth/ keyboardist Zack Be. Nah. possesses a sonically expansive sound and visceral energy that is certain to captivate a crowd.

     In 2017, Nah. worked extensively on recording an EP with acclaimed engineer, Don Zientara at Inner Ear Studios (Bad Brains, Fugazi, Minor Threat, John Frusciante, Foo Fighters and more). Their debut EP, Social Meteor, was released in August at The Black Cat, in Washington, D.C.  The EP is now available digitally via Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, YouTube, Bandcamp, and more. 

     Upon release of their new music, Nah. received accolades and press from several established music websites such as: Obscure Sound (US), Born Music Online (UK), Fancy Melancholic (UK), Velvety Music (Spain), Barrygruff Music (Ireland), The DCist (US), which led to their music successfully trending on The Hype Machine, a website that tracks trending music. Nah. is actively gigging and touring, supporting accomplished acts such as Grace MitchellSurf Rock is Dead and Kolars. They are scheduled to perform at several festivals this Fall including H Street Music Festival, Adams Morgan Day and Spaghetti Festival 15.